Wall Column System

The Wall Column System is a free-standing curved backdrop that is truly modular. The panels can be customized in a variety of finishes to provide you with a dynamic set background.

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Choose your width

The standard wall column system is 20′ long and comes in 4 or 5 panel options. Contact us for questions about custom options. 

Choose your height

The wall column system comes in 8′ and 8’8″ height options. The taller option pairs perfectly with our riser system. 


The standard wall column system is traditionally finished with a high-pressure laminate on the lower section and the columns, and Veltex (a hook and . loop fabric) on the upper section. Click below to see our full list of finish options. 

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Add on items

We offer a selection of set pieces that pair nicely with the wall column system to make a more customized set. Check out our Set Accessories page to see more options. 


20' long wall column system at 8' tall

-(4) 5' wide panels: $8,199
-(5) 4' wide panels: $8,199


20' long wall column system at 8' 8" tall

-(4) 5' wide panels: $8,199
-(5) 4' wide panels: $8,199


Individual Panels

-5' wide panel: $2,375
-4' wide panel: $1.900

Pricing above is estimated for standard finish options. Please contact us for custom finish pricing.

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