We offer a variety of columns that pair nicely with any of our set backgrounds. From our standard light box column to something that is completely custom, we are sure to have something that fits your needs.

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Light box columns

Our light box columns are the standard pairing options for most of our set backgrounds. They are free standing units at 10" square and 8' H that are finished in laminate and internally lit with RGBW LED lighting. Lighting is mounted behind white polycarb for a soft glow look.

Faux stone columns

These free standing columns at 2' W square and 8' tall are finished in laminate and faux stone, with RGBW LED lighting strips mounted in back to create a soft glowing effect.

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Custom columns

We can make custom columns that compliment any set background (new or existing). All of our columns are free standing with modular capability, and can be designed to work with any aesthetic.


Light Box Columns

-Individual column: $790
-Set of 3 columns: $2200
-Set of 5 columns: $3750

Faux Stone Columns

-Individual column: $1775
-Set of 3 columns: $5000
-Set of 5 columns: $8600

Custom Columns

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