Our cycloramas are free-standing, modular background pieces that are configurable for almost any studio space.

Where virtual content comes to life!

Our Full Green Screen Environment. Sets in hours, lights & keys impeccably.

The UNISET UNI-CYC system is a 100% modular cyclorama wall solution with green screen backgrounds. Configurable to almost any space, our UNI-CYC freestanding modules are prefabricated cycloramas that require no on-site construction or modification to existing studio soundproofing, fire protection, electrical and mechanical systems.

  • Require no on-site construction
  • Self-standing and allow for access to existing mechanicals in studio walls
  • Ship pre-finished ready for assembly
  • Superior production quality

No studio changes means less money spent by our customers. UNI-CYC’s green screen backdrop is free standing so there is no need to fix to studio walls; simply stack and clamp modules together. With 90° and 45° corners standard, you can create the perfect cove for your cyclorama/green screen wall needs. If you already have a chromakey wall but want a sweep – no problem with our Point to Point floor sweep ground row modules.

L shaped 20' x 20' free standing green screen cyclorama
"The UNI-CYC cyclorama manufactured by UNISET proved itself as an excellent cyclorama system for my company to utilize at this year’s NAB conference. The UNI-CYC was set in an hour allowing Hybrid TV to begin generating superior production level virtual environments in a matter of hours. With no need to set drywall, sand and paint there was no downtime with the UNI-CYC waiting for drywall seams and paint to dry allowing Hybrid TV the ability to complete our system set up well ahead of schedule."
Olivier Cohen
President Hybrid TV


Our cycloramas are made out of free standing modular pieces that are CNC routed and bolted together. This method offers advantages such as:

-No studio modifications necessary
-No on-site construction

UNISET - Cyclorama Wall Solutions Rochester, NY


Our cycloramas are configurable to almost any space. We offer flat wall, L shaped, and U shaped configurations with 90 and 45 degree corner options. 

  • Meets NEMA FR standards
  • Made in the USA by UNISET®
UNISET - Green Screen Backgrounds Rochester, NY
UNISET - Free standing Green Screen, cyclorama, cyc, free standing, green screen,
UNISET - Cyclorama Wall Solutions Rochester, NY


The UNISET cyclorama can easily be assembled with just two people! (some strength required) Watch our team assemble a full cyclorama in minutes!

“We are very pleased with the cyclorama. Bottom line, the cyclorama has made post adjusting the keying almost no work at all. We used to have to mess around a long time to reduce lines and shadows with software. Now, we throw the clip in and once the keying is applied, very little adjusting is necessary. Which means I have more time to spend on content. It’s initially a big cost, but when you consider the productivity increase it provides, I have no doubt it was worth the cost. And we are really just getting started!”
Neal Anderson -
Digital Media Specialist, Neuro Science Inc.


Flat wall cyclorama

-13' 5" wide standing at 8'3" : $5080

"L" shaped cyclorama

-19'3" x 19'3" sides standing at 9'3" : $15304
-29'x29' sides standing at 11' 9" : $24552

"U" shaped cyclorama

-12'6" x 18'5' x 12'6" sides standing at 11'9" $19636

**All cycloramas priced to include matching chromakey green flooring**

Looking for ONLY green screen flooring? We sell that too. Check out our page below for more information.

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