Unipro Studio System

The UNIPRO Studio is a free-standing studio system that offers a continuous background with up to three different set identities.

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Three sets in one

Interview Style set

News Desk set

stand-up set


  • 1 continuous background with 3 set identities
  • Riser system
  • UNIPRO desk system
  • Soffit lighting

Additional options

  • Light columns
  • Monitors
  • Monitor mounts
  • Custom fabrication
UNIPRO Studio System Dimensions


The standard panels and columns that come with the UNIPRO studio can be customized with any of our finishes. If you are looking to customize the structure of the UNIPRO studio, we can help with that as well. please check out our custom fabrication page for more information.

UNISET - Fully Manufactured And Pre-Finished Studio Sets, Rochester, NY


The cost of the UNIPRO studio is dependent on the custom finishes and other additions that you choose. Please contact us to discuss what you are considering and we can give you a more accurate quote.

Full 3 set stage, starting at $50,000

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