UNISET Observations from Design through Installation

UNISET has been a part of numerous installations of its studio set elements (UNI-CYC cycloramas, background Wall Column Systems, Modular Rolling Panel backgrounds, dedicated sets, risers and news desks etc.) and as a part of the studio infrastructure, have interacted with many systems integrators, consultants, architects, contractors, technology, video/audio and lighting providers.

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Frostburg State Cyclorama

This has afforded UNISET the opportunity to experience the talented individuals who design and spec the studio infrastructure, as well as the people and companies who ready the studio for its intended use.

This hands-on involvement enables us to share some observations that UNISET has garnered from its field experiences. The design, spec, install and commissioning of the new studio systems and scenic elements involves significant coordination by all involved parties. That said, the design (on paper) must, in the end, be achievable in the field at the time of installation of all studio infrastructure. Some thoughts to keep in mind from design through installation…

  1. Is the light grid/pipe in fact at the right height?
  2. Is there a perimeter cable tray?
  3. Are there columns that protrude out from the interior walls?
  4. Is there any soundboard installed that inhibits any installation of studio improvements?
  5. Are the planned doors and closets in fact (after installation) in the same location?
  6. Have any changes been made in the field that deviates from the original plans and specs?
  7. Is the floor level? Is the floor smooth?
  8. Has the painting of the floor and walls been completed prior to installing studio improvements?

All of the above can affect the installation of studio infrastructure and hence the ultimate quality of the studio improvements and satisfaction of the customer.

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