UNISET Launches New Wall Column System PRO-PAK Series

UNISET announces the Wall Column System PRO-PAK Series. Derived from the ever popular Wall Column System (WCS), the PRO-PAK Series includes three unique features that enhance the look of an existing Wall Column System and/or can be incorporated into a new Wall Column System order. 

propack 2propack 1

For EXISTING Customers, the PRO-PAK achieves an entirely different and versatile look used in conjunction with your existing 

WCS frame and structure. By utilizing the existing system, the illuminated soffit and enhanced lower footplate, literally attach over the existing frame and create a new and unique look and feel without the added expense of ordering a completely new system. Additionally, free-standing Light Box columns that simply rest on the floor between each column to add an entirely new dimension to the set. Top to bottom, the three PRO-PAK features can achieve new and unique program and show identities. 

For NEW customers contemplating a purchase of a new Wall Column System, the finished surface options can include the standard offerings or can take advantage of the three PRO-PAK features and incorporate these elements into the new order. 

Existing Customers or New alike can achieve dramatic looks with UNISETs offered Finish Options and PRO-PAK features.

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