UNIPRO Desk System Achieves Mass Industry Appeal

UNISET has collaborated with fellow Rochester N.Y. based and internationally known Paley Incorporated on the development of its new state of the art UNI-PRO News/Interview Desk System. By combining the design and fabrication strengths of these two firms coupled with UNISET’s keen knowledge and experience of television studio infrastructure and programming needs, the UNI-PRO Desk System is a cutting-edge desk with several elements that can be customized to an owner’s exacting needs. 

UNIPRO Desk #7 Top (D top)

Achieving up to seven (7) different and unique desktop/talent configurations while utilizing the same desk components, the desk front panel also offers multiple show/program identities by utilizing a chroma key front, a monitor mount capable of accommodating up to a 43” monitor with a picture frame black insert, and a solid black front to adhere a logo or emblem. Consistent with UNI

SET’s versatile and modular approach to achieving multiple shows and program identities with the same set elements, all unused UNI-PRO Desk components store offset on custom carts for ease of movement and organization.

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