Mobile Carry Case

The mobile carry case was designed to take the UNIPRO desk system on location for remote shoots. It is easy to handle and maneuver and fits in any standard passenger van, mid-size SUV, or any other larger vehicle.

what it carries

The mobile carry case is capable of containing the pieces for the UNI-PRO desk, a monitor in or out of its original box packaging and two tops: the E top and a custom split B top.


The mobile carry case is available in different colors. They can also be customized with graphics for a small upcharge.

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Option 1 - Case with just the tops

This option is for customers that have a UNIPRO desk
system and want a need the case and the tops that fit in it.

Option 1 includes:
- Mobile carry case
- E top
- Split B top

Option 2 - Fully loaded case

This option is for customers that don't already have their
own desk or that want a dedicated remote desk.

Option 2 includes:
-Mobile Carry Case
- UNI-PRO desk pieces
- E top
- Split B top



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